Would you like your own personal board of directors to help you stay accountable to grow your empire? That is exactly what participating in a accountability group feels like. A mastermind focused on growing your business!

This group supports you towards growing your empire. Think of it as part learning, part coaching, and a large measure of peer counseling, with a whole lot of accountability to help you reach your goals.

Every month you will emerge with an action plan! You will participate in creating your peers' plans and they will participate in building your plan. But throughout the monthly sessions, you will always have the guidance of a proven marketing leader to help you through every step of the journey.

  1. Monthly meetings with the group at the Verity Club.

  2. Accountability partners. It is easy to let a goal slide but not when you have people expecting to see your results!

  3. Every session will include time for you to express the specific challenges you are working on.

  4. Goal setting - we will all know each others goals so that we are pushing each other to win!

Who should attend:

Business owners that have a desire to grow and …

  • you think empires are sexy and want to push yourself into building something bigger.

  • you are craving to talk to other super smart women and meet more of your tribe.

  • you are excited to collaborate and participate in the safe (but ambitious) environment set by the group.

  • your business has over 500K in revenue.

The details:

We will be meeting each month for a 3-hour session, from 9:30-11:30, with a breakout work sessions, from 11:30 to 12:30.

The mastermind is scheduled for: October 16th, November 6th, December 4th, January 15th, February (NO MEETING), March 4th.

The cost is $500 + HST per person. Each member will be vetted by the facilitator, Michelene Maguire.

We will purposely not have competing companies in the group unless all parties agree.

About the facilitator:

Michelene Maguire is a bright, tech-savvy leader focused on marketing that leads to revenue. Customer focus matched with a keen eye for business growth are the forces behind her success. After working for many years as a marketing leader in the software industry, she created her own marketing agency focused on lead generation. She is best known for building real revenue streams and has gotten companies up to 24 Million.

You can find out more about her process at Maguire Marketing Group or in her recent book “Get More Customers Using Google My Business” available on Amazon.

About Accountability Groups and Masterminds:

The original Mastermind course was developed by Napoleon Hill, author of the renowned book - Think and Grow Rich. The course agenda belongs to the group, and each person’s participation is key to everyone else’s success. With the help of a facilitator your peers give you feedback, help you brainstorm new possibilities, and set up accountability structures that keep you focused and on track. This means you will become part of an interactive community of fellow business women who will brainstorm together to move the whole group to new heights.

Ready to register?

Great! We would love for you to join us. However, we will be screening each member of this mastermind for fit. Please provide us with your information and we will book a complimentary session with you to ensure that your goals and expectations are aligned with the groups.