Social Media Management


Did you know?

That if a company were to invest on average 6 hours (minimum) into a social media strategy per week they would see the following?

  • Increased search rankings (60%)

  • Increased web traffic (78%

  • Increased lead generation (64%)

Social media is a lot more than just opening an account, putting up a cover image, posting a couple times, and then calling it a day. This is where many business owners get stuck.

Facebook Live? LinkedIn growth strategies? Optimized posts? Community engagement? Ads geared towards, lead generation, increased traffic, brand awareness, app installs, conversions, sales…. It’s a lot to handle for just one business if they don’t have the time or know how to get it down. What happens if you finally learn the basics, but a new algorithm update comes along throwing you off course?

Our team knows when changes are happening and plan ahead of time, they’ve also worked with social media ads since their conception. Our social media management services include an audit of your existing accounts and a strategy inline with your goals. Coupled with monthly analytics, reporting, and suggestions, you’re sure to get noticed online for the right reasons!

Connecting with us is the next step to upping your social strategy, we’re ready whenever you are.

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