Social Media Channels. Are More Better?

Is more always better? If you’re talking about money, shoes, wins by your favourite hockey team or chocolate —yes. But not when choosing social media channels.

Too many still believe that it’s okay to “cross-post” a single piece of social media content to half a dozen or more channels. It’s easy, it's fast, and after all, the idea is to have a broad social media presence—right?

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Delivering Results: Meet Buxton Financial

When business owner Marlene Buxton approached Maguire Marketing Group, she had one goal—meet her target for 8-10 new leads a month. Marlene was sure of two things: 1) qualified leads almost always led to a new client (a good thing) and 2) as great as her skills as one of Toronto’s few fee-only financial advisors, she was not a marketer. Marlene wanted the superheroes at Maguire Marketing Group to swoop in and do what we do best.

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