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Getting that Second Meeting - when you are the vendor

What your leads do need, however, is the assurance that the vendor is the best choice in terms of value.

This cannot be accomplished by, as one commentator stated, “showing up and throwing up.” It can only be done by taking time to understand the prospect, listen, learn, and then customize what you present to the exact needs of that company.  In short, deliver the right content, to the right buyer, at the right time.

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Top 3 Reasons to Hire a Marketing Consultant

As marketing consultants, we are exposed to multiple different implementations of marketing campaigns, software implementations, and strategies. One of the most asked questions is whether a campaign will work or not. Although many company leaders believe they do not need a

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The Gig Economy - Lessons Learned from Uber Drivers

I love using Uber, especially UberPOOL. Part of my love for Uber is that it allows me, someone who is a bit on the introverted side, to see how people actually interact. Truthfully, it allows me to people watch, which is a bit of a pastime of mine. Also, you would not believe how much work you can get done on a 20-minute commute!

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