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Delivering Results: Meet Buxton Financial

When business owner Marlene Buxton approached Maguire Marketing Group, she had one goal—meet her target for 8-10 new leads a month. Marlene was sure of two things: 1) qualified leads almost always led to a new client (a good thing) and 2) as great as her skills as one of Toronto’s few fee-only financial advisors, she was not a marketer. Marlene wanted the superheroes at Maguire Marketing Group to swoop in and do what we do best.

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INTERNS ready to work for YOU!

Teaching Social Media to a bunch of sprightly college third years keeps me on my toes. They’re definitely young, they don’t really use LinkedIn yet, they think Facebook is for their Mom’s ("no offence" they are quick to point out), and their attention span … well, short would be a kind word. But what they don’t give in attention span, they certainly make up in energy and curiosity.

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Christmas is for the dogs! Oh -and a quick way to win some quick Google reviews

This month I had the pleasure of doing a little pro-bono work for a boutique dog daycare called Dog Lounge. After an extraordinary first year of running my own marketing agency, it is with pride that I am able to give back to the community and get to some passion projects.

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