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Make Your Trade Show Social!

Trade shows often get a collective groan. Participation can be a lot of work and typically, a lot of money; and once it’s over, everyone sings, “Is that all there is?” Often, all those visitors don’t turn into leads and all you’re left with are several cartons of branded pens.

If you dread tradeshows, you are not alone. More than half of marketers these days feel the same way. However, don’t give up on trade shows if they are important for your business.

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Don’t lose people on your website

Think of your website as a house. Renovations are in order when something isn’t working properly or there’s a change in circumstances. This might lead to some structural work, adding on, or rebuilding something. And there are times when an older house isn’t worth saving. It’s better just to tear it down and start again. Then, there’s ongoing maintenance.  If you don’t refresh the paint, re-organize and declutter every 2-3 years, everything begins to look dated, disorganized and, well —a little bit shabby.

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