Keeping up with Facebook


Okay, so Facebook is making some changes—do we really HAVE to keep up with this? YES!
New Facebook changes announced at the beginning of May are particularly relevant to business that could (and should) be considering Facebook as part of their digital strategy. These come hot-off-the-press (now there’s an expression that doesn’t make sense anymore! ) from Facebook’s annual developer conference held this April 30 to May 1 in San Jose, California.

Check out the highlights!

The future is private

The overwhelming theme at the conference was privacy (kind of needed, given the lawsuits Facebook has faced since 2018). The message was spelled in large, bright letters on the stage behind Mark Zuckerberg: The future is private.

The bottom line: Facebook and its apps, including Whatsapp, Messenger, and Instagram, are undergoing tons of improvements to their privacy settings. It means that users can message one another and share news and other items with members of private groups, and have greater confidence that these messages have been encrypted so they remain private. In addition, Facebook is continuing its promise to better manage problematic content, such as fake news.

The future is about communities

Another big focus are Facebook Groups. More and more Facebook users are turning to Facebook Groups and closed communities to share details of their life to an audience that they will be engaged and interested in. This is particularly important for businesses using Facebook Groups, which have found that their best and most qualified leads come from their followers in their particular communities.

In response, Facebook is making it easier to set up such online communities and keep private and business communities separate. As a user, you should find it easier to share News Feed posts with your public and private groups now, and engage with your Group feeds.

In addition, Facebook is telling us that when it suggests a new Group for you to check out, it will be more relevant to you. Look for More Group recommendations across the app.

The future is streamlined (and not blue)

A very noticeable change will be Facebook’s new look. It is simpler, more streamlined, and promises to be easier to navigate. The blue bar, for instance, is gone and the Facebook icon is going to be round, and “more lively and modern” (we’d show you a picture but it hasn’t been revealed yet).

In line with the focus on community groups, a new tab at the top of the app and the site will make it easier to go straight to Groups. Just tap it, and you will get a personalized feed of updates from your various groups as well as recommendations to join new groups based on their interests.

As most of you know, Facebook is by far the largest social media platform (like, over two billion users!) It’s recent updates for greater privacy and greater community features are welcome changes, especially for a business looking to grow its audience and build an online community of engaged followers. More change is coming by the end of the year for supporting business on Facebook, such as an improve Ad Manager and Business Manager.

Our take? Facebook is actually getting interesting again!

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