Don’t lose people on your website

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Think of your website as a house. Renovations are in order when something isn’t working properly or there’s a change in circumstances. This might lead to some structural work, adding on, or rebuilding something. And there are times when an older house isn’t worth saving. It’s better just to tear it down and start again. Then, there’s ongoing maintenance.  If you don’t refresh the paint, re-organize and declutter every 2-3 years, everything begins to look dated, disorganized and, well —a little bit shabby.

The same applies to your website. It needs to be evaluated each year with the question in mind, are we looking at a refresh, a redesign, or (hopefully not) a teardown? The second two are more expensive and time-consuming, but given the value of a website, an honest evaluation is worth it in terms of ROI.

Don’t let your website get shabby! Where does your website stand?

You need a refresh when…

  • The colours and design are so “2010” (remember, violet and turquoise?)

  • You’ve changed or updated anything to do with your brand (logo, tagline, design elements)

  • Your competitors’ websites are looking a lot better than yours

  • You’ve been “plugging in” extra elements but not designing them in!

  • One or more of the people in the photos (with their bios) no longer work at your company

  • You find yourself saying, “Oh, that [service/product] is actually not on our website…

You probably need a redesign when…

  • You’ve implemented a new business or a new marketing strategy

  • Your SEO report card score is, well, not so good (get your SEO report score here!).

  • Google analytics tells you your bounce rate is higher than 70% and visitors aren’t converting into projected sales (ouch)

  • Even you get lost trying to find information buried in the various menu tabs

  • It takes longer than 10 seconds for a command to load (visitors leave after 15)

  • The site doesn’t convert to a mobile format

  • The colours and design can be attributed to a specific (past) decade

  • You keep telling people that your website is going to be “updated”

You should consider total take-down and a new site when…

  • You’ve changed your business model in a major way, e.g. you’re now selling online

  • If your old site hasn’t been set up for SEO or uses outdated technologies such as flash graphics, hidden text

  • Web site architecture is so complex no one can map it out

  • The site can’t be converted to a mobile site (really bad)

  • Someone refers to the design look as “kind of retro”

  • You’re using a dated content-management system, which either doesn’t work, or you can’t update yourself—or both

  • No one except your own mother can find you, even when you update the keywords

  • You don’t even give out your website address if you can help it

These categories aren’t mutually exclusive. But for the time and cost of website design and development, it’s worth getting the advice of an expert as to which way to go. An updated and modern design is one of the key factors in your customer’s decision to buy.

You don’t want friends to walk away from your home. Don’t make them walk away from your website!

If you need any help with your website strategy or a specific marketing campaign, let us help. Contact Maguire Marketing Group to get your digital presence off the ground and on the web.