Dating Coach just Needed a bit of Marketing Love!

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Meet Barbara Santen, dating coach. At a time when there are more single women than ever in North America, Barbara offers what your average online dating site cannot do — professional, personal coaching. For women only, the process is designed so that Barbara’s clients show up differently than they have in the past—in dating and relationships—and then quickly get different results.

Barbara set up her practice after working with women as a professional health care provider. For 12 years she was a midwife where she saw firsthand the relationship challenges women and couples go through after they have children. The experience motivated her to seek training in coaching and certification in Applied Positive Psychology. She then set up her coaching practice.

But it was only after Barbara found herself at the end of a relationship that she realized the potential for services directed at women faced with dating again.

“My coaching clients were thrilled with the results but my practice was being built on word of mouth. I knew I could help more people but I clearly needed help with my marketing. I was all over the place in terms of marketing. I’d try one approach, and then I’d try something else.”

So Barbara turned to the Maguire Marketing Group to channel her passion into a clear, marketing strategy and implementation plan.

“They ‘freed me”, she says. “First, I was coached on overall strategy, that is, what to offer as the core part of my business —and what to let go. Once I had focus, I could then set priorities, and make sure that the time and money I was going to spend would have the most impact.”

Michelene and her group helped Barbara implement the strategy one step at a time so it wasn’t overwhelming. The work included re-branding, social media management, and a new website design.

“First we focused on Instagram, then the website,” Barbara describes, “Every time I went with one of the team’s suggestions, their ideas proved amazing."

The strategy and plan resulted in exponential growth for Barbara. “The value in having focus, and how it led to new clients has already paid for itself,” she says, “After four months, I got results. I grew my business — and my confidence!”

“I knew that through the coaching I offer, my clients often quickly find themselves in successful long-term loving and passionate relationships. Now I know I can reach more women with that message.”

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