Social Media Channels. Are More Better?


Is more always better? If you’re talking about money, shoes, wins by your favourite hockey team or chocolate —yes. But not when choosing social media channels.

Too many still believe that it’s okay to “cross-post” a single piece of social media content to half a dozen or more channels. It’s easy, it's fast, and after all, the idea is to have a broad social media presence—right? Well, you do get “a presence”, but that presence says, “we think all our customers are basically the same, so just buy from us because we’re bombarding you with the same message.”

Nobody wants that.

Well-positioned, original content tailored for a specific social media channel (and therefore a specific user) provides a much greater impact than just “being there.” Does that mean that 3 is better than 6? Probably.

Who, who, who are they?

The first step is to figure out your social media strategy by analyzing your target audiences (hey, this sounds like all those other good marketing practices, right?) Research demographics and behaviour. You need to identify the preferred social media channel for each audience as well as how they use that channel, e.g. Is it mostly men or women? What is the largest age group? How many users are active? How often do they visit? Do they use that channel to buy, research,  refer?

There are excellent reports online that provide research stats for each channel. Use this information to pick your most effective channels. For example, 90% of Instagram users are under the age of 35, so you wouldn’t want to use Instagram to sell denture cream or promote an adult lifestyle community!

Other fun statistics

  • Over 80% of Pinterest users are female, and more than 50% live in the US. So, if you’re targeting American women, Pinterest is a must.

  • Last year, only 6% of teens put Twitter as their most important social network. Maybe rethink your Twitter channel?

  • Like it or not, over 30% of Millennials use Snapchat every day.

The way in which you present your content is a bit like how you pick what you are going to wear to an occasion: party dress, beachwear or a suit. Choose content that meets the mindset and expectation of that channel’s users. Facebook users, for example, are looking for social activities, so it’s a great channel for promoting events; Linkedin users, however, are looking for networking and business insights.

Don’t attempt without a techie

The features and algorithms of every social media channel treat content differently, and they keep changing. Ignore this at your peril. Work with a digital media marketer who understands how an update could impact how your users engage with your content, or what you might need to do to take advantage of a feature that could mean more followers.

Final thought: All those little social media icons on your website may look impressive, but don’t mistake these with having “a presence” on social media. With many digital marketers now recommending a maximum of 3 channels; what ones would you choose?  

If you need any help with your social media strategy or a specific social campaign, let us help. Contact Maguire Marketing Group to get your social media presence off the ground and on the web.