Actionable Content that Creates Action!

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Why actionable content works

Here’s the skinny on your typical B2B crowd. They love “how to info”, trend data, and insight they can share with others. Such content is helpful to them directly, and better still, it gives them a way to be helpful (and deliver value) to their clients.

Actionable content is particularly appreciated when it’s in a format that’s easy to use, easy to assimilate, and especially, easy to share.  That’s why smart content writers use statistics, trends, graphs, images, and relevant examples; and make the action clear and easy (downloading with one click).  

Creating actionable content takes some research. You have to find out what content would be most helpful for them, and their preferred format for sharing the content.


Look at these examples:

A food services company could be interested in a downloadable PDF report on vegan food trends by age group, which they could share with the restaurants they supply.

A recruiting company would likely share a video with their clients on interviewing tips, or an interactive survey on job search experiences.

An accounting firm might appreciate a mobile-friendly checklist for their clients on how to organize annual tax information.

A marketing company (like us) loves it when someone posts interesting statistics on social media use. The info can then be shared with our clients to promote good digital marketing practices —ultimately driving leads back for our help.


There are a few tests to make sure your content is actionable

  • Is it providing value to your reader?

  • Is it compelling your audience to do something (like download, share, respond)

  • Is it interesting, even entertaining?

  • Is it shareable?


And the big test to see if it isn’t actionable…

  • Is it just talking about YOU?

  • Is it selling something in the main content (it’s okay to have your company name at the bottom, but keep this information out of the message)


That great catchy headline

Don’t forget a great headline that entices the reader:

  • Ten Great tips

  • Hot Off the Press 2019 Report

  • Your Definitive Guide

 Over time, you can track how readers interact with your content and your website to determine what is working (and not working) with your audience. Switch it up. Respond to what they like. Keep the action going.


And if you are having doubts

 “I don’t read what companies send to me, so why would anyone read what I’m sending them?”

 Sound familiar? Funny thing—dig a little deeper and you’ll find the same person admits that, well, there are exceptions:

 “I mean, I’ll read the latest stock predictions”, or “that video I shared on networking was worth looking at….and it was funny….”

 So here lies the difference. Content that gets trashed is content that doesn’t matter to the reader. There’s nothing it the message that’s about them, in fact, in most cases, it’s just about selling.

 Actionable content, however, is actually valuable to the reader. It also establishes your credibility (as the sender); drives engagement, and ultimately, turns leads into sales.

If you are having trouble creating Actionable Content, then talk to us! As a full-service B2B Marketing Agency in Toronto, we have a team that enables businesses to grow. Every marketing dollar is focused on attaining the largest return for each of our clients by ensuring that we match the right customer journey to your business.