Delivering Results: Meet Buxton Financial

Delivering Marketing Results: Marlene Buxton Fee-only Financial Planner Toronto

When business owner Marlene Buxton approached Maguire Marketing Group, she had one goal—meet her target for 8-10 new leads a month. Marlene was sure of two things: 1) qualified leads almost always led to a new client (a good thing) and 2) as great as her skills as one of Toronto’s few fee-only financial advisors, she was not a marketer. Marlene wanted the superheroes at Maguire Marketing Group to swoop in and do what we do best.

So we swooped. We created an overall marketing strategy based on Marlene’s goals and her ideal clients. It was clear that Marlene had no trouble getting referrals, but this wasn’t enough to meet her income targets. She needed new clients specifically interested in fee-only services for retirement planning to find her online. Next, we created specific plans for lead generation and sales enablement through social media and content marketing.

We started with what was already in place. The company had a web site, but work was done on both the content and search engine optimization in order to increase inbound leads.  The same for social media. We made sure that channels being used were those preferred by Marlene’s ideal clients: Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. We also set up Google my Business and added more effective calls to action.

Results, says Marlene, were noticeable almost right away. “Suddenly, I was getting inquiries from people who were finding me online because they were searching for a fee-only financial planner, that is, where there were no commissions, no referral fees and we don’t sell financial products. I mean, I didn’t know these people —they were finding me!”.

As of the end of January, Marlene has her 10 leads and is on track for February and March.

A woman of few words (but really really good at figuring out financial planning for retirement), Marlene’s testimonial was simply, “With Maguire Marketing Group, it was just so easy!”

Marlene C. Buxton BA, CFP®, CLU® is the principal Fee-Only Financial Planner of Buxton Financial Inc. Marlene focuses on retirement planning. She takes her quirky passion for numbers, details and documentation, and helps people plan for the retirement they want through her proprietary model of planning.  

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