How to Write a Killer Creative Brief When you are Working with an Agency 


A killer campaign that knocks your targets out of the park, starts with a killer creative brief. It is the foundation of any successful creative campaign.  

So, what makes up a killer creative brief? 

Since the creative brief is usually created by and for the agency, it should contain anything and everything you want to communicate about your brand, message, and product/service. Put in everything you want to communicate with your agency; every little bit of information helps.  


Most creative briefs include:

  • A short brand statement: State what your company is all about, what values does your brand uphold and what value do you offer your customers? Give lots of details so you can narrow it down to a more concrete message with your agency.   

  • A brief overview of the campaign’s background and objectives: Summarize what the campaign is and why you need it. What does it entail and what is the end result? This will help determine what channels will be used and what needs to be developed. If the objectives are based on challenges you’ve had in the past, include those challenges as well. 

  • Target audience for the campaign: Who is your customer and who are you trying to reach with this type of campaign? Share demographic information or any other insights you may have into your own data. 

  • Look at your chief competitors: Who are your competitors and what are they doing? Look at market trends. Take note of things that you like and don’t like, or that you think could work for you.  Note: Tell your agency what you love and hate – it will help them understand your taste better. 

  • Set the tone, style and message: This should be consistent with your brand image but can vary by the type and purpose of a campaign.  If you have a previous brand or style guide that is still valid, you can give that information to your agency. If not, make sure you communicate your updated brand guidelines.  

  • Decide communication channels for the campaign: Where is most of your audience? Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google; there are a lot to choose from. Let your agency know what channels you have done well on in the past, or if there is a channel that you are trying to break into.    

  • Deliverables: Look at what your campaign needs and establish a timeline for the deliverables. Make a content calendar to keep track of your content development.  

  • Timing and budget: Budget is important but time is really important. Talk about the overall creative process and decide on a schedule for deliverables. Discuss what budget you have available and what is possible with it.  But for a great campaign – don't wait until the last minute to book your agency! Of course, every agency will scurry to meet your requirements but think of it like cooking – the love and care is the secret ingredient! 

What are the benefits of taking the time to build a killer creative brief? 

Benefits for you: 

  • It communicates the project objectives clearly 

  • It enables the stakeholders to provide input 

  • It provides the criteria for assessment and holds your creative team accountable  

  • It will make your agency work hard for you. When we get a great brief – we spend less time on figuring out what is needed and a LOT of time on how we can meet your objectives.  

Benefits to the agency: 

  • It provides all the necessary background and details 

  • It introduces them to your brand 

  • It illustrates the customer’s preferences and thinking process 

  • It establishes the criteria for assessment 

  • It makes us value your relationship even more. It’s like a sign of respect that you are taking your agency seriously. 

You just have to do a little extra work and your agency will do the rest!

If you have a creative brief you need assistance with, or just need a new campaign idea, Maguire Marketing Group may be able to help. We are a digital agency with an emphasis on creating on content, generating demand, and enabling sales.