How to Boost your Google Reviews to Get More Customers!


It can be a struggle to keep your business up to date on Google. Often it can feel unfair that one bad review can impact your ranking so much. But don’t fret! You can get your business back on top with genuine organic reviews.

Your customers are your biggest assets. You will definitely want to ask them for Google reviews. However, you need to know “what” to ask them to write in the review to get the most value and to improve your business. You can either email them yourself or set up an automated mailing service depending on your sales volumes. Ask them to write a review about their recent business with you and request that they please use specific keywords (that you provide) in the review. The right KEYWORDS are what is most important. We highly recommend that you offer them review samples or offer to write the review for them.

Although all positive reviews are good for business, these keyword optimized ones will perform much better for your company’s SEO and Google Ranking.

Rather than your customer writing a generic review like “Such a great product, what a great company to do business with.”

You will need to ask them to use words specific to your product.


How exactly to write a review

“This New York Bakery has got it all, desserts, New York Style Pizza, New York Cheesecake, and so much more! My family and I will continue going there to get the best pizza in New York with the most decadent cheesecake ever for such a reasonable price.”  (keywords in bold)

See how much more that says about your business? Location and category, as well as other keywords that you want people searching for and finding in your Google listing.  These reviews will add immensely to your SEO efforts, and your Google Rating will most likely start to creep upwards too.

Here is a quick preview to help you improve your reviews. If you want more tips on this see pages 51-57 of our book:


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