"Scotch & Strategy" for Toronto Marketing Executives


What a journey I’ve been on, transitioning from a corporate job to building my own marketing practice. It’s been quite the undertaking but I know now that I’m absolutely on the right path. Now, for anyone who knows me, I’m a people connector and I value learning and staying ahead of the curve when it comes to marketing technology and strategy.

So upon brainstorming with Andrew Yang of 3 Avenues and Mike Couch of Couch & Associates, both whom I work closely with, we decided to create a unique networking event in Toronto that brings some of the brightest and successful business people together.

Of course there are plenty of networking events around town but they are often lacking. These events always seem too big and are often set up so that it is difficult to find contacts that you actually want to spend time with. We want to hang out with like-minded people who are all aiming for the same thing: growth and success in their mid-market and enterprise businesses. This is why we have created this intimate event where we could have other executives meet and share ideas. Oh, and we all like scotch! So that also helped shape the event.

So every month or two, we are inviting a group of executives to our office which is in the Balfour building at 119 Spadina Avenue, and home to Couch & Associates, Maguire Marketing Group, Candido Consulting Group, Rizolve Partners, and 3 Avenues.

Our next event is coming up on September 14th.

Register now as space is limited.

If you are wondering if this event is for you, or are curious about what we are up to, then watch a quick video created by 3 Avenues. Special shout out to those who helped make our first event a great success!  Jon Henderson, Kelly O'Hara, Tara Robertson of Uberflip, Stephen Cummings of Rizolve Partners, Emma Warrillow of Data Insight Group, Oliver Khan of Newpoint Capital Partners, Glen Richardson of IndustryBuilt Software, Jon Hillis of Zag Bank, and of course, our speaker of the evening - Mike MacFarlane of Couch & Associates. And a special thanks for the awesome space to Couch & Associates.

If you are interested in joining us, or are looking for an agency to help you with lead generation, then reach out to me at: mich@maguiremarketinggroup.com