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Teaching Social Media to a bunch of sprightly college third years keeps me on my toes. They’re definitely young, they don’t really use LinkedIn yet, they think Facebook is for their Mom’s ("no offence" they are quick to point out), and their attention span … well, short would be a kind word. But what they don’t give in attention span, they certainly make up in energy and curiosity.

Yesterday was my first class after the recent Ontario College strike. And though they could have come back to class frustrated and irritated, they poured in chatty and happy to finally be back at school.

Next month these students head out into the real world on their Internships. You can sense their enthusiasm, they are super keen to get a taste of real life work. And refreshingly they admit that they are looking to get to earning money. Internships are getting harder to find, the competition from other schools, including international ones, can be stiff. But I can genuinely say I have a very energetic batch to bring to your attention!

Of course, I can’t take credit for moulding these minds. They get exposed to many very bright professors, instructors, and administers who work hard to encourage these minds. In fact, they are exposed to some pretty amazing people: @Brandon Marrelli, @Barry Waite, @Mary Broadfoot, @Tony Cleave, @Liz Marshall, @David Chalmers, @Natalie Gounding, @Robert Yuill, @Colette Brochu, @Ann Buller, @Man dip Rao, @Tina Preussner, @Dean Cowell, @Deborah Boudreau, @Ketan Manohar 

Not surprisingly, some of these students want to gun for the sexy agency internships. When asked where they ideally wanted to work, the names of top agencies came rolling out: MediaCom, Carat, Cossette, Jungle Media, Bob’s Your Uncle, Leo Burnette, Saatchi & Saatchi, Mindshare, Starcom, Ogilvy, Taxi just to name a few. Trust me, These guys really know their stuff. Many of them having attended AdWeek NewYork and reading all the latest Advertising news.

But after many discussions about B2C versus B2B companies, about half the class has started looking at software and professional service companies as well. The rise of community managers, customer success, and account manager jobs, really intrigues them. And ultimately, all they really want is a job.

The program at Centennial College has only made me hungrier to start my future. -Lea Thompson

We are looking for internships that will help us grow and feed us with the fuel to strive for greatness. - Andrea Sojleva

We aren’t only looking just for an internship, but see it as a building block to our future. - Alexandra Hernandez

Reach out if you want more information. I’m always happy to chat. From first-hand experience I can say interns are a really good way to infuse energy into the workplace

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