Tips on Making Video Part of your Marketing Strategy

Tips on making video part of your Marketing Strategy

There’s no denying that an active and engaged social media presence is needed to have a successful modern brand. You probably already have some of the basic social media stuff done, like a basic profile, but what types of content really pull in your potential customers? One of the most discussed types of content right now is video.

Unfortunately, many companies treat videos as a one-off or have a video that is loosely tied to a campaign just for the sake of having some video content. But is that really impacting your go-to-market strategy? Probably not. Videos can be an expensive and rather ineffective tool if not used properly, so here are some tips on how to improve the effectiveness of your video campaigns.

Before you start first ask yourself:

1. Who is my audience?

This sounds like a simple question but in the heat of the moment, this crucial step can often get overlooked. Make sure your message is consistent with the audience you are trying to attract.

2. What do you want them to learn?

Teach them about your brand, your service, your industry, or make a light-hearted joke. Teach them what to look for and genuinely seek to solve a problem for them, or simply give them something to share for validation. Ultimately, make sure you are adding VALUE in every piece of marketing you do - especially in your video’s.

3. What is the best type of content?

Look at what videos your potential customers prefer to watch. Are they short, long, highly visual? Look at other industry leaders and social media accounts to get ideas for videos of your own and to see what trends your customers are following.

What to consider when creating videos for different Social Media platforms?

For Facebook:

Videos between 15 and 50 seconds perform best. How to and tips videos are the most popularly consumed videos in general. Most people look for quick, snappy videos they can quickly share and move on to other content, but another audience is looking for longer how to and tips videos. Decide on your priority while working on your script - not after you have created a bunch of great footage!

For Instagram:  

Instagram’s top performing videos are on an average of 15 to 30 seconds long. Not too short, not too long. Like other platforms, educational videos also have done very well, but more social and tip-based videos were also strong performers.

For YouTube:

YouTube videos tend to perform better when they are longer, usually around a minute. Unlike other social media platforms, people are much more likely to finish an in-depth video on YouTube, so feel free to pack them with more information than a standard video, depending on context. Viewers tended to watch videos on YouTube for much longer when compared to other social media platforms.

For Twitter:

Short videos also perform well here, usually between 15 and 45 seconds. A very concise platform with room for only 140 characters per written Tweet, videos should also try to stay short in order to get to the right audience.

For your website:

Statistically, on-page videos have the same results that YouTube does. Longer videos that are educational in nature, usually around a minute, perform well. People searching on your site tend to look for how to and tips videos, and just like YouTube, are much more willing to sit down and engage with all the relevant content.

If you have the viewers full attention for the first 2-3 minutes of the video, they are much more likely to watch the whole thing. The key is to get their attention early on with relevant content to gain their trust, and then either direct them to more of your content or into the research/buying phase.

Although how to and tips videos perform well, you will also need to leverage dynamic graphics and story-telling so that your audience can quickly grasp your brand or product message. If you don't, you wilt your viewers' attention and they’ll lose interest in your content quickly. Be sure to have a mixture of short, snappy, fun videos that your customers can easily consume and share (if your brand image permits), and longer informative videos they can deeply engage with.

All this being said, if making videos doesn’t sound like this is your cup of tea, Maguire Marketing Group can help.

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