Integrating Social Media into Your Content Marketing Processes and Getting Your Business Noticed!


But how does a business start leveraging social media? More importantly, how does a business turn it into a lead engine instead of a pain in the arse? There’s Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram, and so many more places to be seen on the internet. You probably know you need to be leveraging Digital Marketing and maybe have set up social media accounts and then … ignored them.

The secret is to simply work your social media content into your regular marketing processes and accentuate or highlight certain parts of your business or industry. It sounds easy but starting and maintaining social media accounts can be cumbersome. Your companies presence in social media can be fun, serious, political, promotional, really anything you want it to be, all depending on your business’s core messaging. But one must actually “do” the work, decide each channels intention and tone. We have a few tips on integrating social media right into your marketing processes.

Strategy and planning:

Before you start, remember that it takes significant time and effort to be successful on social media. You need to have a concrete plan for what you want to achieve and how to get there. Don’t expect to just turn it on and see your ROI overnight. Social media is an investment that takes time. And trust us, with the right strategy, your social presence will pay off in the long run in terms of overall brand exposure.

Your strategy is to build a reciprocal relationship with your customers, learning what types of content they associate with through likes, shares etc., and give them those exact types of content regularly. Once you have developed an understanding of your social media customer, you can begin to market to them more effectively.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Sometimes it may be better to NOT participate in a channel instead of participating badly.

Content calendar:

You will need to carefully choose your brand messaging and learn to time your posts carefully. Your message will need to be consistent and engaging. This is where your Content Calendar comes in. Use a content calendar to plan content days, weeks or months in advance. This could be blogs, videos, photos, quotes and so much more. Look for days that relate to something in your industry, or something you or your customers would love.

Your Content Calendar can simply be a spreadsheet or a well-known product like Hootsuite. This will depend on your company’s requirements.

Although social media and content marketing may seem interchangeable, they are not exactly the same thing. Think about it this way, content marketing is what drives social media, but social media is what informs you about your audience and works as your most effective method for distributing content to your audience. In other words, it gives you the data about your demographics.

Analytics and your audience:

Social media is “the place” to contact buyers in this day and age, and it is a place to build and maintain relationships with your viewers, before urging them to take a specific action. In an increasingly digital age more and more marketing decisions are being made using big data sets. Big data is the huge data sets compiled in automation that cannot be analyzed by traditional means. Analyzing this data will give you rich information on how and what to market to your customers, in other words, exactly what types of content to post on the web to get your customers engaged.

Being able to look at your likes, shares, and commentary will tell you more and more about your demographics. You will be able to adjust your content based on what your data sets show to be successful.


Depending on your industry you may need to look into deeply personalized content that is only available with automation. Customers in 2018 and going into the future are demanding more personalized experiences. They expect you to know what they want before they even really do. That’s a lot to ask but it can be solved with CRM’s and automation. Again, it all depends on what your business needs.


At the end of the day, you are creating a comfortable environment for like-minded customers to come together around your brand. You create ways where they can indirectly or directly engage with your company and may not even realize it. Remember, it can take quite some time to see ROI on social media, but regardless of the profit, the exposure for your brand is invaluable in the long run.

If you need any help with your Social Media Strategy or a specific social campaign, let us help. Contact Maguire Marketing Group to get your social media presence off the ground and on the web.