#gratitude - Free Office Hours!


It all started with one kid-free Saturday. It got me thinking. 

Some might take this time to go to the spa or meet up with their friends. Me… I went on a “to do list” terror. Every possible errand you could think of was on my list that day. I was motivated, I wanted to catch up, and naturally, I forgot to eat breakfast when I raced out of the house at 8:00 am. With a growl in my stomach, I decided to go through the Tim Horton’s drive-through. Don’t judge me – we’ve all done it. All that good clean (even home-grown) food at home, yet here I find myself in a drive through… When I got to the window to pay, the perky young girl behind the window said:

“Your order has already been paid for!” Looking around expecting to be caught on some stupid camera, I remember squinting at her, as if I wasn't quite able to understand what she was saying. The perky girl said again "No really! The car ahead of you paid for your order!”

Well, I couldn’t help but feel a little perkier myself as I drove to the next window. 

My next stop was the health food store to grab my vitamins that I'm not confident do ANYTHING. As I was leaving the store, I ran back to the cash counter to buy a drink, and the owner looked at me and said: "It's on me this time." Yet a little more perkiness in my step that day.

Then things really stepped up. Stephen Cummings, who is an Advisor to CEO’s and founder of the strategic advisory firm Rizolve Partners, let my colleague Andrew Yang, founder of 3 Avenues, and I take him to lunch. He walked us through his business plan and showed us how to do utilization modelling. Probably the most valuable sandwiches Andrew has ever paid for! Frankly, I'm still having trouble sleeping since that conversation. But wow, am I ever grateful for the lesson and Stephen's time.

Yesterday’s goodwill culminated with Mike Couch, CEO of Couch & Associates taking the time to guide me through why deferred revenue and WIP (work in progress) become so essential to watch out for in an agency. He patiently explained how he has watched agencies around him struggle and often burn up because they have been riding the wave of one great project and forgotten to watch that deferred revenue line. I always knew the guy was off the chart smart but now I can understand why so many executives trust his opinion implicitly.

Needless to say...Ding! … my gratitude meter has hit the bell. And I really like that feeling, and I know it's my turn to return the favour.

Inspired heavily by my internet hero Bruce Kasanoff, I thought I would offer a few hours of my time out into the world to see if I can help pay it forward.

If you know of someone who could use an hour of my time to help solve a problem, get an opinion, needs some marketing career advice, or could use an extra set of eyes on a plan – then please have them reach out to me at mich@maguiremarketinggroup.com. Keep it to Marketing questions, though, as my gratitude is BIG but my expertise is very focused.

The fine print - I have to limit  this to 5 hours per month. I'm full of gratitude but not crazy!