Oracle’s Platinum Partner Gets Fresh New Look

It’s funny, the expression "a cobbler's children has no shoes" normally makes me chuckle because I happen to be a perfect example of this phenomenon.  I’m the last person to actually market myself but I’ve spent my career building and marketing brands, and I love doing it.

Recently I got the privilege of leading the internal marketing initiatives for Couch & Associates (One of Oracle’s top platinum partners). This Marketing Technology Agency transforms how large revenue businesses go to market. They utilize strategy, data, and technology to truly ensure these enterprise businesses are able to get the best return on their marketing investment. They harness technology at a level that is far beyond most marketers' dreams and they are the pinnacle of data-driven marketing in the industry. With strong competencies in Oracle Marketing Cloud products such as: Eloqua, Bluekai, Compendium (now Oracle Content Marketing), Responsys, Oracle Social Marketing; along with Marketo, Salesforce, and Influitive, they don’t need to ask the mundane logistical questions like ‘how do we get the relevant data?’ They can instead focus on the more strategic questions like ‘what is the best growth strategy?’ And I believe that when you change the question from ‘how' to 'what' and really dig deep into long-term goals, you can transform businesses.

Many marketing agencies focus on having the team to 'do the work' but one of the reasons why I’m a big fan of Mike Couch, the Managing Partner at Couch & Associates, is because he often stops conversations by saying “Yes we can do it, but why would we?” Sounds simple, but it can be really kickass to watch 4 or 5 senior executives turn quiet after that.

But with all that technology prowess, data competence, and creative mastery, Couch & Associates' entire focus has been on their clients and not on themselves. I suppose it makes sense that when you work with the big dogs like they do (think Dun & Bradstreet, ADP, Purolator, Bloomberg), your own marketing needs slide down the priority scale. So they engaged me to lead their internal marketing.

One of the first things I did was to hire 3 Avenues to support the marketing execution. Andrew Yang, Founder of 3 Avenues, and I have worked together for years. I also serve as a Marketing Strategy Advisor for many of his clients. We already make a tight team, but when you add the team at Couch & Associates, we are truly  on fire!

Take a look at the site we just launched:

And this is just the start. We want to do more, get bigger, better, and more agile. I work in their space a few days every week just so I can soak up all I can working with all these modern marketers. And now everyone wears great shoes. Because yes, Couch & Associates always puts customers first, but now they have someone worrying about their shoes looking great too. The “no shoe” phenomenon is over.

If you are interested in ensuring your brand is kept up to date and potentially wearing the finest shoes possible, so that your company can always put its best foot forward, consider reaching out to me at