Our Team ...


Michelene Maguire

Our "What is the Story" Lady

As Managing Director, Michelene steers the ship, but she surrounds herself with incredibly talented people at all times. With a long career as a marketing executive for software companies, she now loves helping all types of clients succeed.


David Adeite

Our "Design Man"

With 20 years of design experience, David is the heart of our design services. He is known for his critical eye and his demand for excellence.


Ethan Childs

Our "Copywriter and Word Man"

A dog man, a craft brewer, and a very talented writer, Ethan is known for his critical eye and his clean vocabulary.

We didn't just suddenly become a successful marketing agency over night.
Meet some of the amazing people that support us.


Stephen Cummings

Our "Run the Numbers" Guy
CEO of Rizolve Partners


Andrew Yang

Our "Figure Out Anything" Guy
Managing Partner of 3Avenues


Hina Khan

Our "You can do Anything" Coach
Thinking Into Results


We also have some amazing partners that we work with...


Hume Media

The best damn printers you will ever meet...



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