Are You Leveraging Your Investment in Content Marketing?

A decade of marketing automation experience has taught us that businesses tend to invest in content but forget that the gold is really in the nurture programs that support the content.

If you really liked someone, would you buy them a great dinner but then forget to call them after? This is what you are doing when you forget to follow up with your prospects!

What You Get

You will receive a report that scores your Nurture Program from start to finish.

Questions that you will get answers to:

  1. Are you touching the right prospect with the right type of content at the right time?
  2. Are you using Touch Management to ensure that you are not over communicating to your prospect?
  3. Are you identifying the right actions to flag Lead Scoring Movement?
  4. Are you using the right workflow rules to ensure that you are not putting prospects into conflicting programs?
  5. Are you using the right tone to ensure that you are strengthening the relationship between your prospect and your company?
  6. Do you have an exit plan for prospects that exhaust your nurture program?

What does it Cost?

The Nurture Program Audit has two parts.

1.    First we start with an interview that collects information on your target audience and your business goals. We then collect your data and your nurture emails including your workflow details.

2.    After auditing all materials we create a document that grades your Nurture Program and identifies how you can support your prospect journey and enhance your close rate/ ratio.

Most audits cost approximately $1200 depending on how many touch points you have and how long your nurture program extends.