Maguire Marketing Group is known for Marketing Support Services for B2B Companies

As your full-service marketing agency, we can provide you strategy and flawless execution.

We have the right team to get you where you want to grow. Every marketing dollar is focused on attaining the largest return for each of our clients and ensuring that we create the right customer experience for your customers.


At the end of the day, everything we do is trackable and measurable. From ads, website performance, Google My Business performance, LinkedIn performance, and so much more. We can take care of all your marketing requirements or fill the gaps in your team!

Demand Generation

Demand Generation has always been the crux on which marketing departments exist. These days marketing leaders are being pulled into more and more areas of expertise like product, development, and customer advocacy, in order to meet revenue targets. Our strength lies in developing and nurturing leads to help you meet your revenue goals.


Content Development

We specialize in producing content that compels your audience to want to engage with your business. Offering high-value content is the only way to get high-value conversions from your prospective customers. Whether we start from scratch and create content, refresh your current content, or work with industry experts to create added-value content, our content will start generating leads for your business.


Campaign Execution

Have a lot of big plans but don’t have the resources to see them through? We can take campaign execution completely off of your hands so that you your team can focus on developing strategy and tracking marketing ROI. Or we can supplement your campaigns to ensure that you always have fresh ideas in front of your customers and prospects.


Sales Funnel Optimization

You are a pro in your business, but creating a funnel that is optimized for closing opportunities is a specialty in itself. If you work with a complex or long sales cycle, you may need some help sorting the best business processes for ensuring that no opportunity is left behind.


Localized SEO Campaigns

What happens when you mix great content with some cool technology that utilizes artificial intelligence? With our localized SEO Campaigns, we create micro and Local SEO campaigns that let you win on Google with very targeted and specific terms. We use content and high quality linking within the insurance industries category and niche sub-categories. The links help our clients leverage their content better by boosting the authority of their website.


Trade Show and Event Support

Your sales team might be demanding a lot from you, but we can take some of the pressure off. Our experience is that trade show’s and events can be quite time consuming. Whether you need support creating a booth, complete execution of an event or lead management, we can ensure that your focus is on ROI while we take care of the details.


Digital Ad Management

Whether you need fresh creative or tedious ad management, our team can enable you with ads that covert. We don’t only push the creative envelope for B2B companies and Professional Service firms, we ensure that you are spending your money wisely. Our campaign minimums are $1,000 per month.


Social Media Management

Creating fresh and engaging content can be time consuming. But we know that staying top of mind is also essential. We work with you (or your team) to ensure that we amplify your message consistently. We create your monthly content and execute and amplify it, leaving you to only focus on value added and timely posts.


How we help Professional Service Firms


How we help B2B Companies



Yes we have a lot of creative juices flowing in our team, but make no mistake, we also love the data. We use data to help keep us moving in the right direction.

The other advantage of our focus on measurable returns is that it removes our egos from making decisions. It doesn't matter how awesome a campaign looks if it doesn't serve our customer.

We aren't just modern marketers, we are pragmatic marketers too.