Coaching for when you are on a path to personal and professional growth…

Our Managing Director, Michelene Maguire, has been enabling companies to grow over 20 Million in revenue and knows exactly what obstacles executives are facing.


Marketing Strategy & Planning Coaching

Marketing Assessments, Market Research, Segmentation Strategy, Funnel Optimization, Product Launches and Sales Enablement are often projects that can’t be undertaken fully by your internal marketing team. Ideally, you and your team are being bombarded with the day to day operations and are managing leads and customer marketing. We can support you in strategy and planning until your team members are ready to take over completely. Iterating a plan is so much easier then developing one from scratch. We can give you that extra bit of support that helps you to the finish line.

Coaching for team members growing into Executives

We provide coaching for Marketer’s who want the ear of a marketing leader to discuss their Go-to-Market plans and to have monthly support and accountability. Often junior marketers aren’t quite sure on what the best strategy should be. They are keen and ready but just may not have the experience to step in and make the right decisions to grow revenue. We can ensure you (or your team members) are ready to hit your revenue targets. Whether it’s supporting you in marketing your business externally or marketing yourself internally, we can help you get and “feel” on track. 

Personal Brand Coaching

Having the skills to market yourself or not, is independent of the issue of whether you have the time to market yourself.  We see personal branding as the continuing process of establishing or reinforcing an image or impression in the mind of others. Often we find executives are so deep in their current roles that they can’t look up and see a career path. Whether this is pure coaching to clarify the vision, or accessing our agency to clean up your LinkedIn profile, we got you covered.

Introverts in the Boardroom Coaching

Based on our workshop series, we now do one to one coaching to support introverts in the workplace. Truth be told, most people are just unprepared to communicate in a boardroom. We have picked up a few tips and want to share and empower other introverts. The boardroom doesn’t have to feel like a battlefield. With one on one coaching, we will discuss tools and tips to improve your boardroom skills.

Introverts often get pegged for being aloof in the boardroom and easily dismissed as not caring about what is being discussed, although they often care quite deeply. Introverts need time to process their thoughts, and we can help you with tools to support you.

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