Business Support Services


Award Applications

All award-winning companies have one very clear thing in common – they applied for the award. You can’t win if you don’t apply. Our applications have won awards! If your team is overstretched keeping up with regular business operations, then consider hiring us to help support them. We can work on award applications, brand awareness projects and community initiatives to help keep your company in the news.


Messaging and Documentation

Long gone are the days where your online presence was basically a digital version of your print brochure. Now your prospects expect the same experience from your web presence/properties that they would get if they were to speak to you in person. We make sure you are sending out the right message and effectively communicating with your customers.


Event Management

The management of small and large-scale events such as employee conferences, trade-shows, conventions and customer appreciation events all have one thing in common - they are time-sucking. We have decades of experience in running every type of event and we can be your super weapon to ensure that your event is flawlessly executed.


Virtual Assistance

All that "stuff" that you wish you could have some help with. Whether its getting a trip booked, a presentation drafted, or a customer appreciation dinner ready. We understand whats needed and we can take these types of tasks right off your plate.