Ad Buying Consultants Toronto

Media buying is a powerful marketing strategy. It is the purchase of all possible advertising space. Media buying groups will often invest in the following media platforms:

  • Television

  • Print publications

  • Radio

  • Websites such as blogs

  • Online streaming platforms like YouTube

  • Apps

  • Social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn.

  • Gaming platforms

Ad buying consultants in Toronto bid in real-time to compete for spots on the targeted media. The entire process happens in microseconds, by the workings of the Internet. The marketer’s software negotiates with space on whether they are viable enough to display media every time an individual refreshes a page. This procedure replaces the days or weeks it used to take to get a page in the daily newspaper.

Working Maguire Marketing Group to advertise

Small businesses with a value of at least 100K will benefit by getting a commitment from the first day of business. We will schedule a meeting once every month to map out the next goals of the company. Our marketing team will, however, be reachable at all times.

A minimum of three months of subscription will grant you anything that can fit three months or less. Buying ads is a straightforward process that will give your rapid business growth that will sustain your business for a long time.

What do we promise for your business?


We manage hundreds of small businesses in different niches. Our experience spans beyond the financial aspect of an enterprise. We will customize the program to cater to your individualistic growth aspects.

Our team understands the dynamics of both traditional and digital marketing. We deal with several marketing strategies, some of which preceded the ad-buying scheme. Our business has a respectable online presence on modern platforms such as Instagram, which gives us an advantage in learning the programmatic mode of operation of the platform.

Affordable rates

Buying ads guarantee businesses a significant volume of clients. Our growth program allows you to scale to the next revenue bracket by using a strategy that will significantly counteract the initial price of the service. Ad buying consultants in Toronto work with your best interest to get the most of your advertising money.

Constant evaluation

You do not have enough time to evaluate the entire process and establish effective growth strategies. Our team offers different frequencies of checkups per the business’ total value. We will let you know which resources suit best and work with you to sort out any discrepancies in the process, once we approve of your business’ investments returns.

The metrics of our marketing strategies are easily trackable. The data will indicate the rate of growth, unlike in the usage of television and radio for advertisement. It is incredibly useful when you use the dedicated programs of Maguire Marketing Group to find which departments should revise their work for better revenues.

Fast growth

Ad buying is easy to set up and apply. A few minutes of planning will give you a fast market base in the targeted audience. Buying the indicated subscription program will allow you to request for a quick ad-buying implementation, or ask on the performance of the last one.